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by - avril 02, 2017

Hi lovely!

It has been a long time since the last post (about one month, incredible!).
Today's post is somewhat interesting and special. As a matter of facts, I'm practicing yoga almost twice a day every day of the week. Actually, that helps me to put away stress and that strengths my core. First and foremost, yoga is a lifestyle I chose to follow two years ago. Since that time I had learned to listen to my pain, and to my feelings and all, here you can discover my yoga experience and share yours in comments.


First, yoga helps me to put away anxiety and doubts about myself or other little troubles that disturb my daily life. I learned to breath and to consider each thing as what it naturally is. Simplicity is the master word of the daily life when you are a yogini.


As time goes, I improve flexibility and get rid of back pain owing to a regular practice. The gorgeous cobra pose is often use in routines as a break in a cool flow to rest after a high-intensity position such as a warrior III or some high lunges. Well, I'm keen on doing the cobra when I wake up and also just before sleep.  It's efficient in order to put away stress and anxiety, and it procures such a great sensation of lightness in the shoulders.


Yoga has many benefits. The most important to myself is to consider its own body and to respect it. I began to practice yoga when I was trying to recover from anorexia. Yoga allows to get a beautiful beauty balance, to understand what [my body want, to realize how much body needs energy.
When I started yoga I was used to beginning my day with a sun salutation: gentle, nice and energizing!


According to the respect I have toward my body, it's also important to explain that I also respect every lively thing. So I'm vegan and proud! A lot of people that are yogini are vegetarian or vegan and they live in harmony with nature. This way of eating brings colors, happiness, and energy! Did you ever try it?

And tell us what about your yoga experience, lovely! Comment, share with your family and friends, and react on the social networks!


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